About us

 We are Shanty Hounds, we think you will like our sound.  As well as sea shanties we also sing folk songs.  We are based in Surrey, Hampshire & South Devon.  Since June 2017 we have raised £3752 for the RNLI.  Please contact us if you would like us to perform for you.  Email Rob or phone 01428 641 727

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Dave & Cas Peace

Hi, I’m Cas Peace. I’ve been singing for most of my life, mainly folk songs and also in church choirs. But I’m primarily an author of fantasy novels and also a freelance editor. More information can be found on my website. I have written and recorded a variety of folk-style songs to go with my novels, which can also be heard on my website, or on my Reverbnation page.
I live in South Devon with my husband Dave and our two rescue dogs, Milly and Milo. I love walking them, gardening, growing cacti and carnivorous plants, and working in stained glass. Dave and I also have a motor boat: a Nelson 38 called ‘Sea Hound’.
Find me on
Twitter: @CasPeace1

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Jon Whitfield 

I have been sailing or messing about in boats almost all my life; dinghies; sailboards and yachts so it is only natural to be singing shanties and folk-songs about the sea. I joined Shanty Hounds in early 2017 and, in addition to singing I play banjo, uke and various bits of percussion/whistles. I have been writing poetry for many years as well as penning a few sea-related songs and ballads. Sometimes these get woven into our songs and shanties to keep them fresh and different. Some of my poetry and songs can be found at

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Orion Dooley

Originally from California, Orion grew up singing and playing the guitar in his family band ‘The Howling Dooleys’. Since moving to the United Kingdom, he has enjoyed exploring the open mic scene and playing with garage bands in Edinburgh and London. Orion joined ‘Shantyhounds’ in 2018.  Currently he lives in Surrey with his family and tries to fit music practice around naptimes.


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Rob Noble

Rob has been singing sea shanties for 8 years now.  He lives in Haslemere, Surrey and prior to moving lived in Barnet, Hertfordshire, where he was a member of "The Barnet Hill Lifeboat Crew" a shanty group which performs mainly in North London.  He is married to Jenny and they have 2 children and 5 grandchildren.  His hobbies are cycling and walking the Surrey Hills.  He runs The Neema Society which supports street children in Kenya. 

Record of performances from June 2017

June 2017 – Godalming Summer Pirate Show
Accompanied RNLI float through Godalming dressed as pirates and
singing shanties to the crowd and handing out RNLI flags to children.
Then opening the afternoon fete music with 6 shanties sung from low
loader truck back to the whole Fete field. Then second set of shanties
later in the afternoon. All seemed to go very well and RNLI very happy
with our help.
Helped Raise £ 34.58
July 2017 – Holy Cross Hospital Haslemere doing a set of “Afternoon
Tea Shanties” to a group of about 20 seriously injured bedbound people
and their nurses in their main meeting hall. Sang about 16 shanties for
about an hour, which seemed to go down well and was enough for them.
No money raised or donated, but good cause to sing for free anyway

September 2017 – Shanty Evening at the Golden Pheasant pub in
Farringdon. A full evening of “sea shanties” and “songs of the sea” in the
events room of the GP pub. Good first crowd of enthusiastic audience to
hear our first real live shanty evening. Individual songs by Rob, Paula, Jon
and Cas added to the variety. Seemed to go very well and folks made nice
appreciative sounds including much clapping and rude participation
Raised £ 150.00 including £50 from the pub landlady

November 2017 – Private Shanty Evening at 70th “ALL AT SEA”
Birthday party for Roger and  family of Englefield Green. 100+ person
marquee in back garden, used full P/a system. Prepared around 27 songs
of which we did most. Started low key with folks having drinks, then
improved when they sat down for late supper. Did “This is Your Sailing
Life” stuff for Roger, plus gift of RNLI money boat for him to raise
money from his friends, plus singing of bespoke special song now called
RNLI to tune of YMCA…a hoot. Long evening but we clearly were just
what the family wanted…high praise from them after the event.

What can I say?! Haslefolk were simply amazing, you really made it such a
special night for everyone there, I just can’t thank you all enough, you are
brilliant! Charlotte
Raised £ 200.00 in donations from the family plus £22.05p in the RNLI
buckets a total of £ 222.05 for the RNLI
Total Raised in 2017 is £ 406.63

2018 Events
10 th January 2018 – Shottermill House Residential and Care home in
Haslemere. An evening shanty sing-along for about 40+ residents and
friends of the House and residence, complete with drinks and nibbles
Thank you so much for the evening of music on Wednesday. You are a
brilliantly enthusiastic group and added a lovely, vibrant feel to our evening
with friends and family. We have these evenings in order to help families
share an activity and it was great to look around and see both residents and
visitors joining in. It was a great time.
Please pass on my thanks to the whole group. Marie,one of our managers,
organised the donation for the RNLI on our behalf. Elaine
Shottermill House
Donation of £30 received and paid to the RNLI

3 rd March 2018 – Upton Grey – An evening of “Sea Shanties and Songs
of the Sea”. Our shanty crew ran this event, despite the thick snow the
day before, we had a near sell out on the night and the hall was full.
Fabulous evening of shanties, trad and silly, folk songs of the sea and
Celtic – Scottish jigs, reels and foot stamping hand-clapping music, and
even folks dancing in the aisles at the end…wow. We raised some £819.50
for the RNLI. We were supported by several other local
singer/songwriters including Head North, Andrew Rose, Dave Botting and
Skyport Ade…all fabulous, Wow what a night !!!
Hi Dave,….As Roddy said at the end of the night, THANK YOU - for all your hard
work and effort in putting the evening together with the added stress of the
arctic weather. It was a brilliant night and all the artists were fantastic. It was
my first Sea Shanty evening, but most definitely now, not my last. Thank you all

once again, it is hugely appreciated……….Kate (RNLI committee member)
Total Raised was £ 839.50 for the RNLI
Total Raised to date for the RNLI £ 1,276.13

21 st April – Poole Coastliners Sea Shanty and Sea Folk Festival. New
Shanty festival in several locations around Old Poole Harbour in Dorset.
2 sets of 60 minutes in King Charles Pub and Scaplen’s Court Walled
Garden. First set in lovely beamed Pub room, very atmospheric, second
set with good crowd outside in the sunshine in the garden…our mor active
participation songs went down well with the crowd. Lovely weekend.
Modest collection box take of £18.61 collected for RNLI ? it should have
been more for sure

4 th May 2018 – “Shanties and Ale” barge cruise on the John Pinkerton
evening start, fish and chip supper and REAL ALE, 3.5 hour trip up the
Basingstoke canal on a canal barge signing all our shanties and a few other
songs of the sea. Great evening was had by all, but had worn out voices
after so much singing. Raised £200 for the night and some £24.51 in the
collection buckets so a total of £224.51
Total Raised to date for the RNLI £ 1,519.25

19 th May - Tadley Beer Fest, afternoons hour of shanties in the main
Rugby Club building, went down well and helped them raise some £2000+
for the Brittle Bone Society, lovely sunny day !!
Hi Dave, Cas, Jon,
I cant thank you enough for the terrific set you and gave us yesterday. Please pass
my thanks on to the rest of the crew as well. Thanks also for putting up with the
schedule issue!
The club felt that the inaugural event was a great success and raised in exess of
£2000 for the Brittle Bones Society. I think it will be an annual fixture now, but bigger
next year! Its a long way off, but I hope we can rope you in to the next one. We will
ask the club for more notice of the date next year.
All the best ……Colin

22-24 th June – Falmouth Sea Shanty Festival – We sang at this years
Falmouth Sea Shanty Festival and so were part of the biggest shanty
festival in the UK this year…WoW !!. There were 65 bands playing over
the 3 day event. We sang as Shanty Hounds (our new name) at 7 locations
around Falmouth , Seven Stars Marquee, Chainlocker, Palacio Lounge,
Cutty Sark, The Grapes, Toast café and Sea Salt Sponsors shop.
Fantastic weekend in the sun and raised at least £150 in our various
buckets for the RNLI, total raised at the festival TBC but HUGE !!
Raised £150 plus balance of 1519.25 new total of £ 1,669.25 so far
See for full details of the 3 day
event and pictures of the wide range of great shanty groups and singers

21 st July Hannington Hogfest – Afternoons shanty sing in Hannington as
part of their village celebration Hogfest. We kicked off the afternoons
singing with 45 minutes of group shanties, followed by 3 songs by Paula
and then another 3 by Cas and Dave. Great afternoon supporting the
charity “Different Strokes” Helped raise around £500.
23 rd July R.A.F. Odiham Chinook airbase, evening of shanties with Helen
acting as compere as part of a week of activities on the airbase, small
audience it has to be said, but appreciative. Collected some £ 7 in the
bucket unexpectedly. Good fun and maybe the precursor to something
better attended there in the future.
26 th July 2018   Holiday at Home shanty session for Godalming Baptist
Church. This is offered to people who are not well enough, too old or
can't afford to go away are entertained.   Date Thursday 26th July  2pm
- 3pm. Donation for RNLI of £50

21 st September 2018 – Second “Shanties and Ale” barge cruise on the
John Pinkerton, evening start, fish and chip supper & real Ale. Full barge
with around 35 passengers plus the crew and us…full house. About 2.5
hours of singing that went done very well with the audience. Trip ran
from 7 pm until about 10.30pm
Raised £200 from BCS and a further £40.78 in the hat for the RNLI !!

Total Raised by us for the RNLI charity to date is £ 1,967.03

27 th October – Shanty Afternoon at Haslemere Church in aid of Robs
Kenya cause, tea and cake plus lots of shanties to around 100 people
Raised around £700 for Kenya chanrity

2019 Events record
20 th March Weds afternoon “Holiday at Home” for the old folks in
Godalming church. Good turnout for about 40 minutes of shanties, folks
seemed to enjoy them again and £50 donated by the organisers for the
Total raised to date for the RNLI £2,017.03 cash
Plus helped raise approx. £3200 for other charities plus Falmouth

30 th March – Upton Grey – An evening of “Sea Shanties and Songs of the
Sea”. All in aid of the RNLI. Head North, Shanty Hounds, 3PS, Cas and
Dave and Jon and Colin. Full house audience in village hall, great evening
and raised some £1,064.77p
Total Raised for the RNLI now £ 3,081.80
11 th May - Tadley RFC Steam Rally afternoon, shanties and beer and
steam engines, great afternoon, songs went down well, good crowd,
listened to Steve D and had good hamburgers. Helped raise another £
2000 for the local charity.

May 22 nd Haslemere Hall, Evening Sea Shanties before showing of the
Fishermans Friends film at 8pm. Good audience as they arrived for a
drink in the bar, good film as well. Sang for about 30 minutes and raised
£63.95 in the RNLI buckets alone
Total Raised for RNLI now £3145.75

June 1 st – Rerun of our first ever shanty singing at Godalming Town Fair,
Parade plus 2 shouts on stage. Hot weather again and good fun, first
stage set was bad as we had no amplification thanks to Mr Punch, but
second set good and was well received. Raised a modest £36.58 in the
Total Raised for RNLI now £3182.33

June 23rd Hannington Country Fair – Two sets of Shantys at lovely
Hannington Fair, warm but cloudy weather, good passing audience and lots
to do at the fair. Dave, Cas, Jon, Orion, Rob were there, did usual list of
songs, then helped out by joining in with a couple of extra songs with
another singer…all good fun. No separate fund raising, but the Fair usually
raises around £20k in one day, so helped with part of that.

August 24th – Hannington Hog Fest Day – First on set for 45 minutes of
silly shanties as usual, only interrupted by Dave swallowing a wasp on the
first song, thankfully no serious damage, but voice badly off afterwards.
Good session and nice day out listening to all the bands.

6th September 2018 – “Shanties and Ale” barge cruise on the John
Pinkerton, evening start, fish and chip supper and real Ale. Only four of us
being Cas, Orion, Rob and Dave. Very good audience and great fun evening.
Had fish n chips at the beginning which worked much better than later.
Raised £200 cheque plus £33.29 in the bucket….great night
Total raised for RNLI to date £ 3,415.62

2020 Future Events
Sadly the Corona – Covid-19 flu virus epidemic hit in mid March 2020
and all gigs were either postponed or cancelled until the situation has

Late March - 3 rd RNLI concert in Upton Grey Hall
May 2 nd /3 rd - PirateFest in Brixham ….set as virtual Piratefest
May Sat 16 th - Tadley Rugby Club event - Postponed
12-14 th June - Falmouth International Shanty Festival ?
Sat June 27 th - Regents Canal Centenary Event Rob – 3 songs in
evening in London - Cancelled
July-August - Hannington Hogfest TBA ??
26/27 th Sept – Teignmouth Shanty Festival TBA ??
Friday 2 nd October John Pinkerton Barge trip from Odiham wharf
probable departure 18.30 for 19.00 leaving. Shanties, Ale and fish n
chip supper most likely.

Sadly all the above 2020 events were cancelled or postponed until we
can sing together again.

2021 Events ????
Corona virus still here, but vaccinations started and seem effective
Will we be able to sing this year ???

Rolling Down To Old Maui

Bully in the Alley




Just for Kids

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Extract from "Being a Pirate"

Being a pirate is all fun and games
'Til somebody loses an eye
It hurts like it blazes, it makes you pull faces
But you can't let your mates see you cry

A fancy black patch will cover the hatch
Making sure that the sucker stays dry
Being a pirate is all fun and games
'Til somebody loses an eye

It's all part of being a pirate (a pirate, a pirate!)
You can't be a pirate with all of your parts
It's all part of being a pirate (a pirate, a pirate!)
You can't be a pirate with all of your parts

Being a pirate is all fun and games
'Til somebody loses an ear (Pardon?)
Blood drips down your neck, it falls on the deck
And somebody says 'Ay, what's this 'ere?'

You can't wear your glasses, you don't pull the lasses
And folks have to shout so you'll hear
Being a pirate is all fun and games
'Til somebody loses an ear

Being a pirate is all fun and games
'Til somebody loses a hand
It spurts and it squirts, it jolly well hurts!
Pain only a pirate can stand

The fashionable look is a nice metal hook
But now you can't play in the band (Sorry!)
Being a pirate is all fun and games
'Til somebody loses a hand
Being a pirate is all fun and games
'Til somebody loses a leg
It hurts like a Dickens, your pace never quickens
Hobblin' around on a peg

Ask your sweetheart to marry, but too long you've tarried
'Cause now you can't kneel down and beg
Being a pirate is all fun and games
'Til somebody loses a leg
Click here for the tune
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Last Important Point

This is the last key benefit or feature and it should mention another awesome thing you do.


A Drop of Nelsons Blood~ A Sailor Ain’t A Sailor~ All For my Grog~A Sailors Prayer~Billy O'Shea~Bully in the Alley~Chicken on a Raft~ Drunken Sailor (RAP)~Goodbye Fare Thee Well~Haul Away Joe~Haul Upon the Bowline~John Kanaka-naka~Mermaid~Mingula~Fiddlers Green~Rattling Winches
Roll Alabama Roll~Shantyman~Sloop John B~Smuggler~So Long~South Australia~The Mhairi Bhan~Yeller Girls